Our Difference

Our Difference

About Us

Our story begins with the passion to make high-quality, design-forward, custom furniture for our customers that will last, but not break the bank.

We LOVE great design.  We LOVE sinking into a plush sofa.  We LOVE the way the right piece anchors a room.  But we’re TIRED of the usual way furniture is made: long wait times...retail mark ups...compromised quality...mass production...

So we set out to change that.  

At Braden Richter, we offer customized furniture, designed and manufactured in Los Angeles by skilled craftsman with decades of experience, shipped directly to your home from our factory, within 10 business days of receiving your order.  

Fabrics & Leathers

With over 60 fabrics in a range of colors and textures, our performance fabrics are completely kid and pet friendly, holding up to the stickiest of fingers and muddiest of paws. 

And our luxurious leathers are tanned and dyed using eco-friendly processes, providing longer lasting beauty and resilience. 

Hardwood Frames & Handmade Cushions

Using Pacific Northwest-grown, kiln-dried alder wood assures that our frames resist wrapping, twisting, rot and mildew buildup for the lifetime of your furniture.

We encase high-density foam with earth-friendly trillium fiber to deliver ultimate comfort, but longer lasting cushions than traditional down fill.

Our Craftmanship

We have an entire team of skilled craftsman that work on your custom furniture from start to finish.

From the time the order is received, the frame built, the fabric cut, to quality checked and shipped, your Braden Richter custom piece is handmade by individuals with decades of experience and passion for furniture design.

It doesn’t sit in a warehouse waiting to be sold. The order isn’t waiting in a queue only after more have come in for a mass run.

Your Braden Richter furniture is treated with the same hands-on love and care as any of our craftsman making a piece for their own home.